Floods damage 17 hectares of veggie farms, ricefields in Ifugao


BAGUIO CITY — The flashfloods that hit three barangays of Lamut town in Ifugao yesterday, August 1, damaged 17 hectares of agricultural land.

In a phone interview on August 2, Lamut Mayor Victomar Bunnol said flood waters destroyed 17 hectares of vegetable gardens and rice fields in Barangays Bimpal, Nayon, and Payawan. He said the municipal agriculture office still has to estimate the cost of the damages and identify what assistance the farmers need.

The mayor was thankful that the floods left no casualties. He added that while several families took refuge in the house of their neighbors and relatives, there were no evacuees, with only one home taking partial damage.

“But they have all gone back to their houses as of now,” he said.

“The floods have receded, and as per reports we have enough supply of basic needs for our affected residents,” he added.

Bunnol said they need to construct flood control along the Nayon River to mitigate the impact of the floods. He appealed to the national government and the Department of Public Works and Highways for assistance.

According to the mayor, the heavy rains caused the Nayon River to swell, with headwaters coming from Bimpal, and flows down through Nayon and Payawan before merging with the Lamut River.

Bunnol said this is the second time flood hit the barangays following torrential rains. The first time was last year. He blames the massive deforestation for the incident. He added that they are also looking into improper waste disposal in Barangay Bimpal, causing the clogging of waterways.

“While we need to plant more trees, these would take 20 to 30 years before they could serve their purpose, so in the immediate we need to build flood control dikes,” he said. # nordis.net

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