JOINT STATEMENT: On the DOST’s statement denying involvement in cyberattacks vs. alternative media


We take note of the DOST’s statement denying any involvement in the cyberattacks against alternative media sites. We call on the agency to conduct its own investigation on the use of their IP, make its findings available to the public, and do its part in stopping the cyberattacks apparently perpetrated by the Philippine Army.

That said, we stand by the findings of Qurium. The Sweden-based media institute has been trying to reach out to DOST-ASTI but has not been successful.

Quirium has been instrumental in stopping the DDoS attacks we experienced in 2019. There is no reason to doubt their expertise in tracing the attackers.

Yesterday, June 23, Qurium monitored that the same IP launched cyber attacks vs Bulatlat and Altermidya websites. At around the same time, suspicious web traffic was also monitored by Kodao and Pinoy Weekly. We think this is part of systematic and orchestrated efforts in bringing down the websites of independent media.

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