FALSE: All history books published during the Cory Aquino administration inaccurately portray the Marcoses


On May 15, YouTube channel “Filipino Future” made a post on their community tab claiming that all history books in the country published during the Corazon Aquino administration are “inaccurate” as said books provided “narratives” that largely disparage the Marcoses and favor Aquino. 

‘Filipino Future’ claimed that they conducted a fact-check on columnist and historian Ambeth Ocampo’s opinion piece in the Philippine Daily Inquirer which tackled the “importance of libraries in preserving material sources: of study during the martial law period. 

The post went on to claim that the Aquino administration disposed and even “burned” all books and other historical references written during the Marcos dictatorship and published new books that would favor Aquino and create a disagreeable image for Marcos. 

The post also claimed that the supporters of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. are not distorting history to favor the Marcoses but rather to supposedly restore “the correct version” of history following Aquino’s historical distortion. 


All history books published during the Cory Aquino administration inaccurately portray the Marcoses 




There is no proof that can support the claim that Corazon Aquino and her administration revised historical accounts and published history books in the Philippines to portray the record of her administration positively and disparage her predecessor. 

In contrary, there have been reported cases of “historical distortion” just recently. For one, the Department of Education has been called out by certain groups led by Sen. Risa Hontiveros for releasing two textbooks that are being used in schools that supposedly “whitewash the atrocities committed during the Martial Law years.” In a statement, Hontiveros cited the textbook ‘Pilipinas: Bansang Papaunlad’ which discusses the country’s history only until 1946 falling short of the country’s historical account during the Marcos dictatorship. 

In a study conducted by digital forensic researcher Pauline Macaraeg, as early as 2011 the Marcoses have in fact been the ones leading the spread of historical distortion and false propaganda online and even on television. Myths such as the Marcos pre-presidency wealth, Tallano Gold and Yamashita Gold, have spread unabated online from 2014 to 2022. Through the help of Marcos loyalists and partisan pages, the unchecked information on social media grew, paving the way for the Marcoses to inch closer to power.  

Studies have also revealed that Marcos Jr. benefited the most from disinformation and fake news online in the 2022 elections. 


Studies have shown that the use of networked propaganda, social media manipulation, the proliferation of disinformation, and attacks against the media and opposition through red-tagging and other vilification efforts, all contributed in the political restoration and rehabilitation of the Marcos family. 

As of writing the post already has 3,100 likes, and 262 comments on YouTube. The said YouTube channel has 372,000 subscribers, and 180 videos in the said channel talk about the Marcoses.-Rome Medina & Neil Dizon 

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