Envi groups slam lifting of open pit mining ban amid ‘Odette’ devastation


Environmental groups led by Kalikasan People’s Network for the Environment (Kalikasan PNE) slammed the Duterte administration for lifting the open pit mining ban in the guise of earning funds for economic recovery.

“We condemn the Duterte government’s lifting of the open pit mining ban when people are still responding to the plight of millions affected by Super Typhoon Odette. Talk about priorities in these times of crisis,” said Kalikasan PNE National Coordinator Leon Dulce.

The group noted that instead of aiding ‘Odette’ victims, resuming open pit mining activities will actually worsen the situation, explaining that open pit mining is actually responsible for the destruction of watersheds in regions heavily afflicted by the typhoon including Caraga, Negros, and Central Visayas.

“The promise that this move will bring in money for economic recovery is nothing but disinformation. Only 12% of mineral resources plundered in the Philippines by big mines trickle back to our economy as taxes, fees, and royalties. For every 10 pesos worth of minerals they will plunder, only a peso will return to the Philippines,” Dulce stressed.###

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