#SONA2022 FACT CHECK: Nuclear power plants to improve electricity in the PH

President Marcos Jr. said that it is time to review the use of nuclear power plants to improve electricity in the country.
Missing context
The current discourse on nuclear power particularly revolved around the reopening of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant, a highly disputed electricity infrastructure which was completed in 1984 but never launched.
Known to pose alarming risks to public health and safety and plagued by corruption among other issues, the power plant was built with a questionable Php2.2 Billion budget under former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., the current president’s father. None of these points were disclosed in the SONA.
Talks on the use of nuclear power to address the country’s power crisis have also been revived recently, with former President Rodrigo Duterte’s approval to include nuclear power as part of the country’s electricity sources through Executive Order 164.
The revival of the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant has been a known talking point, particularly during Marcos Jr.’s presidential campaign. However, the Marcos camp has always been silent on issues surrounding the power plant, particularly points regarding corruption. – Dan Navarro
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